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IT Consultancy

Jira Admin Support

We are one of the best Jira Admin support company. Our expert team help you to operate Jira Admin, we assist you for customization in Jira Admin to create different users and group in Jira Admin. We have sharp expertise to customize Jira Admin as per your requirement. Our support team are 24x7 available. We guide you for all type of work flow , mail configuration and security related issues. Contact now for more information.

ERP Implementation& Support

Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning system in an organization is an important part of a website manager. Doesn’t matter how matured your ERP system, its support and maintenance is very important for an organization to grow systematically. We not only provide internal IT support but also ERP support to our customers who trust us for the quality services that we provide to them.

The first process that we start with ERP support is the software maintenance. This helps us to check and fix bugs, if any, release software, and enhance any functionality in the case; client asks us to do so.

Collaboration Portal

Quality service means the efficient flow of processes and transparency at work. When multiple processes run to drive the objective of any particular client, it is very important to integrate all of the processes to meet the client’s expectations from the project. This happens only through collaboration portal.

This online portal allows users to comment, and ask anything about the process that is not clear. If the client isn’t clear about something, we assure to revise the steps and make sure client understand our processes. This is a time-saving venture where both our client and we feel contended by the end of the project developed after mutual understanding.

Atlassian Tools

We provide support for Atlassian tools as well. Altassian is a well-known company that designs different kinds of products for apps development, managing projects, and content. This software designing company is famous for issue tracking apps, Jira support, and collaboration tools, to name a few. We cater to clients from issue-tracking software, collaboration, DVCS, training products, etc. We use Atlassian tools to provide business support, premier support, and strategic support while handling most of the Atlassian Applications. Our team efficiently uses plug-ins, add-ons, and integration platforms to design customized apps. Tools that we support

  • Bamboo
  • BitBucket
  • Clover
  • Confluence
  • Crucible
  • FishEye
  • HipChat
  • Jira
  • Stash
  • Software Project Management

    We design and develop software projects and provide management support to our wider-client base spread world-wide. Our highly-experienced project managers can help our clients with the overall software project management tips. Tools that we support

    We are committed to support all of our projects whether it is an inbound project or outsourced by any third-party party. Our team follows the same principles and manages both the projects without any hassle. Our team prepares a proper schedule and tries to deliver the project on time. We prioritize projects on the basis of first cum and first-served and not on the basis of the budget of the project.

    Software Audits Consult

    We do provide Software Audit consultancy services to our clients. Auditing of the software is basically done to check if the project has been designed following legal practices or not. Many times, auditing is done to check if the software used in your web site has been obtained after getting a license or not. How do we do that?

  • The first step is to check, which software needs auditing.
  • Start running a report and checking that report to determine if the software is usable or not.
  • Check if the users are using its updates version or not.
  • The last but not the least, we use SCCM tool to make a compliance figures for display on the board.
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